September Meeting

ASME will have its first meeting of the 2016-2017 school year Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30pm in the Construction Management Engineering auditorium! Come and see what this year has in store. The new officers will be introduced and a treasurer slot is open for election. There will also be an impromptu engineering competition. Free pizza and pop will be provided! All majors are welcome. See you there!

February Meeting

Congrats to all the teams that took place in our impromptu design competition!

Contestants were instructed to build a glider using a minimum of seven different items selected from a hodgepodge of craft goodies in the ASME locker. Gliders were dropped from the second floor of the STEM building, and judged solely on hang time. Team “Thundarcats” gave an awe-inspiring performance placing second with a hang time of 3.58 seconds. The Thundarcat’s effort was not enough to defeat Team “one” which managed to stay aloft for a remarkable 4.83 seconds.